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This is just your typical story of a red-headed English kid in the southern UK who went back to racing in motorsports after nearly decapitating himself and getting a bunch of screws stuck into his neck. Wow, if his neck was screwed up that bad, I’d hate to see his teeth.

In September 2006, Stewart, then 12 years old, was driving a 1,000cc Mini go-kart when he crashed head-on into a metal barrier at over 50 mph. The force of the hit was so intense that his head was internally wrenched from the top of his neck. Yikes. via.

Anyway, the kid was operated on for seven hours to repair what’s been called a “hangman’s injury,” and nine months later he was walking again. He’s been cleared by doctors to race go-karts, which really doesn’t make any sense to me. Why spell “go-karts” with a K when “cart” is spelled with a C? Good thing Ufford’s on vacation right now or he’d probably have an aneurysm. via.

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