This Kid’s WWE Impressions Have Officially Won The Internet

Sorry for the deluge of wrestling content so far this week. Pay-per-view weekends double my expected column output, and for non-wrestling fans who come here for cheerleader slideshows and videos of people getting kicked in the balls, that can be agony.

Anyway, that said, you will forgive me when you see this clip of adorable 2-year old Nikoh doing WWE Superstar impressions. It is so, so much better than you’re expecting. He covers John Cena, CM Punk, Team Hell No (both of them), briefly dabbles in Zack Ryder and tops things off with a Bryan Alvarez impression. No, really.

This is the kind of thing you should already be showing to people, so please, go do that. Nikoh’s parents, please don’t ever take this video down. It’s the greatest.