Kim Couture Was Scissored Cold

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07.11.11 2 Comments

Couture (L) vs. Bird (R) got a little ugly this weekend.

Randy Couture’s ex-wife and one-time fighting student, Kim Couture, has never been the most popular name in female MMA fighting, as the sport’s fans have often celebrated her bloody and cringe-worthy losses. Kim, 3-4 as a pro heading into AX Combat 1 in Calgary, Alberta on Saturday, didn’t fare too well in her latest effort at quieting those detractors, as Sheila Bird was victorious over her with a scissors choke submission in the first round.

Now the Calgary Combative Sports Commission is looking into accusations that the ref didn’t stop the match soon enough and the hold could have caused additional injuries, possibly even brain damage, if applied too long. But Couture told MMA Weekly that all is well.

“I’m fine,” Couture said. “I woke up and I thought the fight was still going on. Once I realized what was happening, I stood up and waved to the crowd, but I’m fine.”

Well that’s good. It’s bad enough that Couture had her jaw cracked in half and nose broken by Kim Rose during the opening seconds of her first pro fight in 2009. We’d hate to see her get brain damage, too.

Check out the fight after the jump.

(Via Cage Potato)

And here’s another video of the fight that includes, as Fightlinker points out, Couture wobbling a bit after she gets up from the submission.

Call me crazy, but I’m just not a big fan of the female MMA fights. I just can’t really appreciate watching a woman get her ass kicked. What say you, Gina Carano?

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