Kim Kardashian Is Upset That Reggie Bush Is Going To Be A Daddy, Exists Without Her

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush is not only coming off of the 1,000-rushing yard season that critics told him he’d never have in the NFL, but he’s also enjoying a nice 2012 campaign with 417 rushing yards through 5 games, which has him ranked 10th in the league and just 2 yards behind Ray Rice. To add to that fun, Bush has announced that he and his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, are having a child and he couldn’t be happier.

And then somewhere, in the deepest reaches of Hades, Kris Jenner slammed down her gauntlet of stem cells and screamed, “NOT ON MY WATCH!”

Though Kardashian and Bush ended their three-year relationship in 2010, and the reality star has gone on to marry, file for divorce and find another boyfriend, a source close to her alleges she’s upset over the pregnancy rumors, as Reggie was “the true love of her life” and secretly hoped they would one day be together.

The source claims that Kim feels it’s a “slap in the face” that Reggie would consider having a child with Avagyan, because he didn’t want to start a family with her, as he believed she was too caught up in fame and her reality series. (Via the HuffPo)

Also, I really enjoyed the USA Today’s “No sh*t, Sherlock” headline: “Reggie Bush is headed for parenthood but not with Kim Kardashian”. Man, that’s some fun obviousness. So why the hell should this even matter to Kardashian if she’s so happy with Kanye West? Let’s fire up the rumor machine.

It was rumored a few weeks ago that West was going to spend $1 million on a lavish birthday party for Kardashian on or around October 21, and that’s obviously BS because E! would just call 100 companies and demand they sponsor a party so they all make $100 million off of it. It was also rumored that Kim and Kanye were already talking about a baby, and that was convenient because it came right after the much bigger rumors that Kanye was off skinny dipping in Fashion Model Lagoon because he was fed up with how attention-starved his girlfriend is, and holy sh*t would that be a remarkable statement.

Realistically, we need to put Nancy Grace on a #BigBreastedBabySnatcher alert and make sure that Lilit is protected at all times. And God help us all if Miles Austin gets a girl pregnant. In conclusion, Kim Kardashian likes attention.