Things Got Bizarre And NSFW At The Kimbo Slice/Dada 5000 Bellator Press Conference

Bellator 149 is hosting one of the strangest grudge matches in the history of MMA, and it isn’t Ken Shamrock taking on Royce Gracie for a third time. Kimbo Slice, demigod of street fighting, undefeated boxer and one of the most interesting-yet-polarizing figures in mixed martial arts is taking on former protegé and backyard fighter Dada 5000. The bad blood between these two goes all the way back to their time fighting in boatyards and parking lots in Miami; now they’re under the bright lights of Spike TV, ready to throw down in a cage. But first, they had to make it through the pre-fight press conference. Needless to say, things got “nutty.” (See what I did there?)

(Video contains strong language)

Kimbo Slice is challenging Dada 5000’s manhood, and he’s willing to compare testicles as the ultimate bragging rights. According to Kimbo, his nuts are much bigger than Dada’s and he was willing to show them live, at the press conference, even beginning to undo his trousers right in front of Royce Gracie’s face. Meanwhile, Ken Shamrock is laughing it up, pleased that he no longer takes the cake for having the most insane press conferences in MMA history.