Kimbo Slice’s Fight With Dada 5000 Spawns Some Incredible Internet Reactions

On Friday night, Kimbo Slice defeated his rival Dada 5000 in perhaps the worst fight the sport of MMA has seen in years. Yes, it was that bad. The fight featured two men who were extremely out of shape, two men who had no interest in doing much of anything beside throwing weak ass haymakers all over the ring. It ended in the third round when Dada 5000 basically fell over in slow motion, hitting the canvass seconds after a Kimbo Slice hook missed the mark. It was as if the air from Kimbo’s punch pushed him down. It was both hilariously sad and wildly entertaining. Here is that moment mashed up with sound from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

MMA experts and diehard fans were mostly embarrassed at the display, ashamed that the sport highlighted fighters who had no business in the cage. But Bellator’s goal was viewers, lots of them. They wanted people to talk about this tragedy, they wanted people to laugh at Kimbo and Dada, turn them into memes. And guess what? The Internet obliged in amusing fashion and #Bellator149 trended throughout the night.

Mission accomplished.