Kimbo Slice Trash-Talks His Upcoming Opponent With Some Seriously NSFW Language

The fight between backyard brawling legends Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 doesn’t go down until Feb. 19, but that hasn’t stopped Kimbo Slice from talking some serious smack about his long-time Miami rival. The two are from the same neighborhood and even went to the same high school, but that doesn’t mean they’re close. On the contrary, Slice seems to think Dada is nothing but a two-bit copycat trying to steal his thunder. Via MMA Junkie:

“The guy got my same f-cking tattoos that I got on my body; just follow the history of this piece of sh-t, and you understand my anger,” Slice said. “People that know me and are from the same neighborhood, they know what’s going on here. I just want to get in that cage and do what I got to do. The more I talk about it, the more upset I get about it.

“He’s copying me in a very clownish way. He’s a f-cking clown. He’s a piece of sh-t. I have nothing good to say about this guy. He’s a joke. I don’t even know how his family, his kids and his mom even respect him. I don’t know how he has the following that he has. I’m just glad this opportunity is here and that he signed the contract.”

“He’s going to respect who I am. He’s going to respect the nature of who I am and the work that I’ve put in. For you to make a mockery and try to copy and steal my image and run with it then you talk sh-t about me and try to be like me? That in itself is something I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for my f-cking respect right now. This isn’t a title fight. This is for my f-cking respect.”

This fight between Dada and Slice has been years in the making, and almost went down in one form or another several times since 2008. Dada isn’t a huge fan of Slice, either; he claims that Slice’s people tried to keep him down in the backyard brawling scene by refusing to release videos of his fights. What a strange and complicated world of politics that sounds like.

Whatever is true or false, the two finally get to settle things in the cage this February. The fight is the co-main event of Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie 3 in Houston, Texas.

(Via MMA Junkie)