Kimbo Slice Has Been Hospitalized And The Situation Is Reportedly ‘Dire’

Bellator fighter and street fighting legend Kimbo Slice has reportedly been hospitalized in Florida with the situation being dire. TMZ broke the news of the 42-year-old fighter, with scant details being released beyond his hospitalization. In February, Kimbo defeated Dada 5000 in a strange fight that saw Dada nearly lose his life after kidney and heart failure. Post-fight, Kimbo would fail his drug test for steroid usage.

Kimbo was scheduled to fight James Thompson at Bellator 158 on July 16th in London. The fight would be a rematch of their 2008 bout in which Kimbo exploded the ear of Thompson live on national TV. The bout between Thompson and Kimbo would go on to set ratings records for an MMA fight, and was long considered one of the most disgusting MMA highlights of all-time. Bellator was clearly looking to rekindle some of that magic with the rematch, but until there is a further update, that fight can be considered off.

Kimbo Slice, despite his gruff persona, is one of the more intellectual and empathetic fighters in the industry today. We spoke to him about his life, family and how long he plans to continue fighting earlier this year in an exclusive interview.

UPDATE: Rumors are swirling that Slice has passed away.

(Via TMZ)