Kimbo Slice Is Down To Fight Kurt Angle And Roy Jones, Jr. As Soon As He Settles His Business At Bellator 149

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Say what you will about the mega-success of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. Call Chuck Liddell or Ken Shamrock the first “mainstream” MMA stars if you want. Just remember that Kimbo Slice will always be the man who brought MMA to the masses. There’s a legend stating that Griffin/Bonnar was the fight that made people pay attention to cagefighting, but in reality, it was Kimbo Slice. Over 6.7 million households watched Kimbo blow open James Thompson’s ear live on CBS and millions more saw him on TUF 10. He was the first YouTube star besides that weird cat that played the piano. Every household is on a first-name basis with Kimbo.

After five years of boxing, an offer was made that he couldn’t refuse, and so Kimbo returned to the cage to fight Ken Shamrock at Bellator 138. Now, he’s tying up loose ends and looking to finish his career with gold around his waist. We spoke to Kimbo ahead of his Bellator 149 matchup against his long-time rival DaDa 5000, got some beard care tips, and tried to figure out who he’s voting for this November.

This fight with DaDa 5000 has been a long time coming, and you’ve been doing a lot of promotion for Bellator 149 for quite some time. Has it affected your focus? 

I’m feeling good I’m just ready to get it over with now.

As far as DaDa 5000 is concerned, do you think any of his skills match up with yours?

Definitely not. I would like to say it’ll be a close fight, but it won’t be. I want to say it’ll be a good fight, and it will be, but close fight… no. I’ve been in the game longer. I’m more well-rounded. If it goes to the ground I’ll smash him. America loves a good knockout. A good old-fashioned, American knockout is what we’re looking for here.

This seems like the most fired up you’ve ever been before a fight. Is DaDa under your skin or do you just want to move past him?