Tom Brady Gets Some Teeth Whitening Tips As Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick Guillermo Invades The Super Bowl

Entertainment Writer

The week before the Super Bowl is likely a nightmare for players who already seem picky about media coverage during the NFL season. And it all starts right on opening night. Not only is it a forced parade of questions from every media personality you can find, but there are plenty of entertainment interactions thrown in for good measure. It’s still better than choking through another controversy-filled news cycle about deflated balls, but only by a little.

That said, Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo is a nice addition to this week. He made his debut at the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston and always manages to be a genuine presence. Where Triumph The Insult Comic Dog or Cousin Sal are meant to be comedic and snarky, Guillermo could easily be someone who was handed credentials off the street and told to interact with the biggest names in the game — and then give them a hug.

Not only does he manage to get most of the players to sign his copy of Tom Brady’s “cookbook,” he has a lot of back and forth with the Patriots’ quarterback himself that includes an air high five, some talk about Gisele Bundchen, and finally a few tips on how to get teeth as white as possible. I’m not too sure tequila is the correct answer, but it is definitely a way to not care about your teeth after a few drinks.

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