Watch A Celebrating LA Kings Fan Walk Across The Ice In High Heels And Completely Eat It

The New York Rangers were mercifully (and yet somehow mercilessly) put out of their misery by the Los Angeles Kings in last night’s fifth game of the Stanley Cup finals. And yet the Rangers can hold their heads high, because everything in life is relative and no one had a worse night on the ice than the young lady in the video above.

Stomping across the ice behind an NBC4 broadcast following the Kings’ come-from-behind victory, the young lady tried to stop on a dime in her high heels and instantly acquired a face full of ice. The fall miraculously syncs up with the reporter saying there’s “never a dull moment with these Kings.”

Here’s a zoomed-in GIF — courtesy of the fine folks at Deadspin — so you can enjoy the moment on an infinite loop:

(H/T Guyism, Deadspin)