Kirk Cousins Got Way Too Into A Charity Flag Football Game And Shoved A Ref

Associate Editor

Kirk Cousins played football on Super Bowl Saturday, and by the looks of it, he’s just as fired up as he would be if he was competing for the Lombardi Trophy.

Cousins participated in a charity flag football game against a team led by Doug Flutie. It is a charity flag football game, so you’d think that the least important thing would be the final score. To Cousins, however, when there’s a pigskin around, all that matters is that his team comes out on top.

So Cousins was apparently dialed himself up to 11 as he tried to lead his team to a comeback win against the Fightin’ Fluties. He threw a strike to put his team on the doorstep, but there were only 10 seconds left, so he had to get everyone up to the line and spike the ball. While Cousins did that, some time was wasted when an opposing player tried to keep the referee from putting the ball down.

At this point, Cousins got super mad at the lack of a penalty. So he did what anyone who is playing a charity football game would do: he started unloading on the referee – who Deadspin reports is a lawn service superintendent – and eventually shoved him for not throwing a flag.

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