Kirk Cousins’ Hilarious Handoff Gaffe Has Given Us The Nutfumble

10.23.16 1 year ago 2 Comments

Kirk Cousins remains one of the most fascinatingly inconsistent quarterbacks in the NFL. He played nearly perfect football for half a season to lead Washington to a division title last year, but before then he was a turnover machine that looked like the fourth-round draft pick he was. He’s had fantastic games and bad games this year, and had good games marred by stunningly poor throws. Now, he may have his signature bad play – the Nutfumble.

Cousins went back to hand off to Matt Jones when he got his foot stepped on by an offensive lineman. Not really his fault! But Cousins’ desperation handoff to Jones was a bit of brilliant physical comedy that isn’t easy to forget. I mean, look at it:

He came back later to lead the Skins on a drive to take the lead with about a minute remaining, capped off with a nearly 20-yard touchdown run. The fact that it happened in the same game as this is as emblematic of Cousins as any sequence of events could be. Washington remains solidly in the hunt for the NFC East title, and they’ll go exactly as far as Cousins can take them. It promises to be a bumpy ride at times.

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