07.21.08 10 years ago 10 Comments

There are some unpleasant goings-on in the state of Iowa these days, where U of I athletic director Gary Barta and head football coach Kirk Ferentz have been accused of trying to sweep an alleged sexual assault under the metaphorical carpet. 

It's a doozy of a read, but here are the details as laid out by the mother of the victim (legal note: all of these get the "allegedly" tag): former Hawkeye players Cedric Everson and Abe Satterfield sexually assaulted a female student athlete last October.  She reported it to five different university officials — including Barta and Ferentz — over the next day and a half.  They encouraged her to go an "informal" route to resolve the problem in-house — with "in-house" meaning "no media or police."  A month after the assault, the victim still lived three doors down from one of her assailants, and she was regularly called nice names like "whore" by members of the football team.

Whether the allegations of sexual assault are true or not, the whole thing just reeks of Jerramy Stevens.  The Iowa administration's response to a possible sexual assault was about as insensitive as possible.  And believe me, I think I know a thing or two about being insensitive.

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