09.18.08 10 years ago 7 Comments

Kirk Herbstreit is the hunky third of the College Gameday triumvirate — he’s certainly not on the show for his brains — and it seems he cares deeply about maintaining that image.  Busted Coverage says:

An (unnamed) industry source told us a great story this week about Kirk Herbstreit being disappointed how his picture turned out on the side of the ESPN GameDay bus. […]

Herbstreit complained and ESPN did the logical [thing] and had the wrap removed for a new, lighter version of Frosted Tips. The new picture made its debut at the USC game.

Someone in the art department at ESPN deserves a promotion, because that is some awesome work.  Now instead of looking like a guy who sleeps in a tanning bed, he looks like a guy who sleeps in a tanning bed wearing whiteface.

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