03.06.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Just what we need: another politician for Hope and Change. 

Former NBA star Kevin Johnson jumped into the Sacramento mayor's race Wednesday, announcing he will challenge three-term incumbent Heather Fargo in the municipal election in June.

"We need a change in the city and I believe we need a change now," Johnson said. "As I went out the last month and talked to people around the city, folks have said to me they believe city government is nonresponsive, tired, uninspired and bureaucratic. They want something different in Sacramento. (They're) clamoring for change."

Johnson has been very active in his hometown with private community renewal projects, revitalizing area neighborhoods and even turning his alma mater, Sacramento High School, into a successful charter school. But he may not be ready for the job. Dude didn't even take questions after his press conference. I mean, I could be in the midst of afterglow or just hobbling off the crapper, but I'm always down for a little Q&A. That's just part of the gig, baby. — Monday Morning Punter


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