Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury Isn’t Exactly A Fan Of Bret Bielema

Bret Bielema likes to talk. And talk can get you into a little bit of trouble if you can’t back it up. A week after Arkansas lost to Toledo following Bielema’s comments about Ohio State’s schedule, the Razorbacks fell to Texas Tech.

It maybe wouldn’t be noteworthy aside from the fact that this is a big win for a Texas Tech team that needed a big win after a tough season a year ago, but apparently Bielema and Red Raiders coach Kliff Kingsbury are beefing a bit.

Following the game, Kingsbury had some strong words for the Arkansas head coach:

“I just think the physicality…that’s a program that prides themselves on being physical. At the Texas high schools coaches convention this summer, he stood up and said if you don’t play with a fullback we’ll kick your ass, and if you throw it 70 times a game, we’ll kick your ass. And he just got his ass kicked twice in a row, and probably next week by A&M as well, so that did feel good.”

This probably won’t stop Bielema from saying what he wants. That’s what Bielema does, and he’s not going to change any time soon. He’s entitled to that, but when things like this happen, people are going to bring his words back up to him. Or certain NFL coaches are going to make jokes about it.

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