11.02.06 11 years ago 3 Comments

For some reason, announcers are calling the Knicks-Grizzlies season opener a "triple overtime thriller." Uh, hardly. The Knicks blew a 19-point fourth quarter lead, then the teams went back and forth for three overtimes to see who could out-suck the other.

Like many basketball games, this one was decided at the free throw line, and the Grizzlies were just more dedicated to sucking. The Knicks managed a merely horrendous 10-22, while the Grizz blew the roof off the outhouse with a 6-21 performance. Let that sink in for a moment: six out of twenty-one free throws. The game was in Memphis, so I assume the crowd wasn't waving those little sticks or jumping up and down. And I'm pretty sure there isn't any new kind of rule were you have to shoot free throws while a bear attacks you.

Oh, that's right: it's the new basketballs' fault. The darn things are just too… round. Damn that David Stern!

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