Knight Fights Are Back And The Black Night Pounded The White Knight Into Submission With His Shield

08.05.17 8 months ago 2 Comments

M-1 Global’s Knight Fights, the strangest iteration of one on one combat sports, is back for some Saturday afternoon goodness. Two knights entered, two knights left, but one had his hand raised and we’re assuming he just keeps track of his overall record on the honor system because no one really knows who these men are, or why they’re so good at fighting in armor with centuries-old tactics.

The fight between armored fellows went down at M-1 Challenge 82, and as usual, the clash of armor stole the show despite its brevity. The Black Knight overpowered the White Knight with what looked like a failed hip toss, but the armor weighed down any ability for the White Knight to recover. He went to the grown, then ate a knee to the helmet.

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