You Know Your Team’s In Trouble When They Start Getting Burned By Dawson Leery

(via Getty Image)

The Green Bay Packers are going through quarterbacks like toilet paper right now, starting three QBs in three weeks. Aaron Rodgers, Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien … the week after that they’re starting Favre, and then Tebow wearing a Favre jersey, and maybe in the last game of the season they’ll cart out a football-playing donkey. It’s bad.

But they’re a pro football team, you know? They’re prepared for situatinos like this. Rodgers’ Discount Double-Checking shoulder goes out and they’ve got a Plan B, and if that falls through they’ve got … uh, James Van Der Beek making fun of them on Twitter. Yes, television’s own Dawson Leery, the man who was once discovered making out with Eve behind a screen at a high school pep rally, made a Varsity Blues joke at the Packers’ expense. I haven’t been this jealous of a sports vs. 90s TV feud since Urkel got pissed at that one sports reporter.

Anyway, the iceburn in question:

Or, more succinctly,

While we pour one out for the Packers, let’s not forget the glory that could be NFL quarterback James Van Der Beek. You know, if he decides he wants that life.