03.23.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

Kobe Bryant extended his streak of 50+ points to three games by dropping 60 on the Grizzles in a 121-119 Lakers win. He's the fourth player ever to achieve such a feat (the others were Wilt, MJ, and Elgin Baylor), and his four 60-point games ties him with Jordan for second place all-time behind Chamberlain.

After the game, Bryant deflected praise on his teammates (quote from SportsCenter):

"Tonight was an example of my teammates just making great passes."

"…in that those passes were to me."

I kid, I kid. It's pretty decent of Kobe to focus on the team winning and his teammates playing well. You just don't expect that from a guy with an evil goatee…. unless… He's just luring us into a sense of complacency before stealing those nukes! Oh, laugh now, but you'll miss Colorado after Kobe takes his revenge. The lesson here: never trust a man named for beef.

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