New Korean Baseball Technique: Elbow Smash Line Drives

I don’t know the specifics of what’s happening here, but here’s the gist: A gent on the Korean baseball team claims he was hit by a pitch, but everyone else in the game/stadium/world saw him lean out and elbow smash the ball. It’s a line drive foul, and one of the most hilariously dirty attempts at a play I’ve seen in a while. It’s like what happens in Derek Jeter’s mind every time the ball misses him by a foot and he collapses to the ground in agony.

What I didn’t expect (because I’m stupid, and apparently just started blogging) is the response of YouTube commenters. I can’t read a lot of them, but the ones attempted in English are a wonderful mix of folky, racist and offensively general. Here are a few of my favorite examples from the last hour.

Question of the day: Does one crummy attempt at baseball cheating officially declare that Koreans are ugly and stupid and should’ve never been born? You make the call*.

*no it does not

[h/t Bob’s Blitz]

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