Kurt Busch Will Serve As The Real Ricky Bobby Again In A Wonderbread Car This Weekend

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Lost in the Great Twinkie Bankruptcy Scare of 2012 was the news that the iconic brand Wonderbread was also being discontinued, and nostalgic foodies everywhere silently wept into the hundreds of other similar and better products. But Wonderbread is back, baby, and the return of loaves of white bread couldn’t come at a better time for NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, because he is once again invoking Will Ferrell’s Ricky Bobby character from Talladega Nights to help get his Chase for the Cup chances back on track.

Last year, Busch drove the Ricky Bobby ME car at the Aarons 499 race at Talladega, so he already has the routine down pat, but at this year’s Talladega spring race, Busch unintentionally portrayed Ricky Bobby when his car got some hang time. Now, Busch and his crew believe that racing the Wonderbread car will help him improve upon his 7th place standing in the Chase.

“We need something to change our luck after our car went airborne at the Talladega spring race,” said Busch. “I am a fan of the Talladega Nights movie and it truly excites me to drive the Wonder car. It carries a special feeling with two American icons coming together – Wonder bread and NASCAR – at one of America’s legendary racetracks.”

At the May Talladega race, Busch was running fifth with six laps remaining in regulation when his Furniture Row Chevrolet got clipped and went airborne.

“We went from having an excellent chance of winning to a 30th-place finish in a split second,” explained Busch. “It’s so difficult to predict Talladega. You can ride around in the back, charge up front all day and either way your day can end with your car on the (wrecker’s) hook, like our car did the last time at Talladega.”

Busch added, “You just hope to have Lady Luck guide you to a top-10 finish. Restrictor-plate races have turned into this pattern that is hard to have any type of strength over any other team. It just comes down to being in the right place at the right time.” (Via Furniture Row Racing)

The only thing that’s missing from this fun story is a pack of wild dogs taking over most major American cities.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTCaOtUD3JI&w=640&h=360%5D

(Images via Furniture Row Racing and Getty)

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