Kyle Rudolph Called It ‘Disappointing’ To See Gloves He Gave To A Media Member For Charity On eBay

The Minnesota Vikings took down the New Orleans Saints in a rather significant upset on Sunday during their NFL Wild Card round matchup on a somewhat controversial final touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins to Kyle Rudolph.

On that final play, there was some handfighting, which typically happens between a receiver and defender, but as the pass was in the air, Rudolph seemed to extend his arm to push off from the defender to create space to make the catch. The play was reviewed as all scoring plays are in New York and determined by the league to have not been worthy of a closer look, citing the “handfighting” as going both ways.

For the Saints, given how their postseason ended a year ago, it’s obviously a bitter pill to swallow, but for the Vikings, it was a moment of jubilation as they advanced to the Divisional round to face the 49ers this Saturday. After the game, Rudolph signed his gloves and gave them to an unnamed media member, who asked if they could have them for a charity benefit. On Wednesday, however, it was revealed that those same gloves were put up on eBay to Rudolph’s disappointment.

The optimistic viewpoint here is that the eBay auction is the way to get the money to donate to charity, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Rudolph notes it wasn’t a reporter he knew, national or local, which isn’t a surprise given how many people are credentialed and come in and out of locker rooms in games as big as a playoff game.

The good news is this story seems to come with a happy ending. The person that bought the gloves is going to send them to the charity of Rudolph’s choice, that being the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital, with Rudolph offering to send him a pair of gloves from the Vikings game against the Niners.