Kyle Singler Is Willing To Get Buckets By Any Means Necessary

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11.27.12 4 Comments

We don’t write a lot about Kyle Singler. To date, the only stories at With Leather that mention Singler are one about him missing a dunk, one about him dramatically flopping and an NCAA Tournament West Region rundown where Punter says he hates him.

It’s not the best first impression, but we are suckers for a good trick shots video, so … here’s a somewhat positive post about Kyle Singler.

Please enjoy the YouTube description, which may or may not have been written by Ralph Wiggum..

Why is Kyle Singler standing in the Belle Isle Fountain? Find out that, and why he’s called The Bucket Man and Singler makes buckets all around Detroit

I don’t want to spoil anything, but at one point he just throws a ball at a moving car and makes a bucket. That is an incredible, mathematical dedication to the procuration of buckets.

Video is below. Warning: He says “buckets” a lot.


[h/t to It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

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