Check Out The Plans For L.A.’s New NFL Stadium, Which Looks Absolutely Insane

On Monday night, the city of Los Angeles unveiled its plan for a new NFL stadium in Carson that would host both the Chargers and Raiders, and it looks absolutely batsh*t insane.

In a promo narrated by Jack Bauer himself, Kiefer Sutherland, the new stadium is shown to include the likes of a gigantic Lombardi Trophy located inside the stadium, a 40,000 square foot “Director’s Club,” in which premium ticket buyers will be able to sit directly behind the bench on the field, and of course valet parking inside the stadium.

The stadium will also honor the “sacred ritual of tailgating” by adding in a farmer’s market, as well as putting Red Zone on giant HD screens outside before the game begins, which actually sounds pretty amazing. The benefits of West Coast start times I suppose.

The stadium will cost a cool $1.7 billion if it gets built, so that extra million or two is being put to good use with more additions, like a 175-foot retractable glass wall open air premium lounge called the “Hollywood Club,” which Sutherland describes as the place “to see and be seen.”

This all sounds great for really rich people, but it’s not really clear how a lot of this will effect the average fan. I suppose the stadium builders know where the big bucks are made and are catering towards that audience, but it’s unfortunate that the general fan experience appears to be taking a backseat if indeed this stadium does get built and these teams move to Los Angeles.

The 60,000-seat stadium would be built just outside of L.A. if the Chargers and Raiders don’t get new stadiums in San Diego and Oakland, respectively.

(Via Tout)