Seven Facts You Need To Know About The New $2.6 Billion L.A. Rams Stadium

When it was revealed last week that the St. Louis Rams would be moved back to Los Angeles, the news came with the announcement of a brand new Inglewood Stadium that was set be completed by 2019. Well, we finally have some concrete details about the Rams’ new home, and this thing is going to make Jerry Jones’ AT&T Stadium look like child’s play.

For starters, the sheer size of this entire complex is going to be massive — a whole 300 acres worth will be dedicated to sports and entertainment. The stadium itself is shaping up to hold 100,000 people, making it the largest in the entire world.

Let’s get into a few of the new stadium’s most interesting features. For starters, you know the massive video board at AT&T Stadium? The proposed board in Los Angeles will be twice the length of that one — 120 yards long to be exact. It’s also capable of hosting both NCAA Final Fours and Super Bowls — and it might even be the new home of the NFL Scouting Combine.

Inglewood Stadium is expected to cost $2.6 billion dollars, which, if you’re keeping track, beats the most expensive stadium, Metlife, by a whole billion dollars. One thing’s for sure — if I were a Rams fan living in Los Angeles, I’d be pretty excited about this.

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