NFL Legend Terrell Owens Wants To School You At Human Bowling

Screw living a principled life, the true mark of a man is how he performs against a NFL six-time Pro Bowler in events such as Human Bowling. Or Giant Sling Shot. Even Keg-O-War. And if it’s Terrell Owens, even better.

Lucky for you, you could have the chance to do one (or all) against the legendary wide receiver when he attends the 2016 Labatt Blue Undomesticated Games. As you can see in the video above, he’s pumped to play you. He may even bring his action figures to destroy you and your closest Facebook friends in a series of athletically un-athletic events. Should be good times for all — especially those who come just to watch and chill in the Labatt Blue Zone with beer, food and absolutely no desire to be bowled.

You can’t brag if you don’t win… so sign your squad up here to attend the games and bring your GoPro to capture all the undomesticated magic. There will be five events in five cities this summer. T.O. kicks off the first one on July 9 in Erie, Pa., at Liberty Park, but if you can’t make that one and want to embarrass yourself at any of the other four being hosted in Buffalo, N.Y., Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Detroit or Cleveland, please don’t let us stop you.

Good luck and godspeed.