This Might Just Be The Next Best Thing To Attending The Summer Games

With the summer games coming up, all the world’s greatest athletes will soon showcase skill and talent that’s unprecedented on the world stage.

The Labatt Undomesticated Games are not those games — but they’re probably way more fun. After all, where else are you able to compete in Keg-O-Wars? Or have your BFF launch you, the human bowling ball, toward large inflated pins in efforts to achieve the elusive 7-10 spare?

These feats of human strength and endurance only happen at the Labatt Undomesticated Games. So check out an event near you to be part of summer games history. You are guaranteed to have a blast whether you compete with your closest Facebook friends — or simply eat, drink and watch from the Labatt Blue Zone. That’s where people with absolutely no desire to be bowled hang out. Time to get to one of the last three games in Detroit (7/23), Cleveland (7/30) and Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (8/6).

Remember, you can’t brag if you don’t win.