They Call Him 'The Wall'

For the general improvement of your Friday afternoon, please enjoy this clip (by way of Prep Rally) from a game in the 7th/8th grade indoor lacrosse league at suburban Philadelphia’s BucksMont Indoor Sports Center wherein a kid taking a penalty shot worries a little too much about flip-cradling the ball and gets Sat The F**k Down by a child goalie in Tony Stark’s Mark I Iron Man armor. It is brutal, apparently legal and absolutely glorious.

There’s also something adorable about a kid doing the YEAH NOW WHAT shoulder shrug at someone he’s just leveled, then just walking away calmly into the loving arms of his teammates.

A positive aside to the video is the sportsmanship shown by both sides, as the kid who takes the hit takes it like a true Lax Bro and baby Robocop reciprocates. These videos have trained me to expect the downed kid to get up swinging.