Watch This Lacrosse Goalie Ruin A Player’s Breakaway (And Day) With A Huge Hit

Much like hockey, big hits and fights aren’t all that common in pro lacrosse. National Lacrosse League bros know how to get down, and it can be very entertaining to watch. However, it’s not too often you see the biggest hit of a game — and possibly the week — delivered by a goalie.

That’s what happened this weekend when Colorado Mammoth goalie Alex Buque came out from between the pipes to destroy a would-be attacker on offense. I can’t blame Calgary Roughnecks player Karsen Leung for not seeing the hit coming, but he was certainly caught off-guard and absoltely crushed by Buque in the open field.

The big hit ruined Leung’s breakaway chance before it ever really even got started. Judging from Leung’s dejected reaction, the hit also appeared to have ruined his day as well. Again, I can’t blame him for that. He got wrecked, and there’s really nothing he could have done about it. Sometimes you just have to peel yourself off the turf, tip your cap to the opposing player, and hope to get the last laugh. However, Leung (and teammates) felt that the hit was illegal and let it be known after the game.

In the end, Colorado took home the victory and, as salt in the wound for Leung, Buque was named the game’s top star. Tough break for the ego.

(Via NLL)