Lacrosse, Now With More Crosses

If two Canadian Intermediate A lacrosse teams get into a bench-clearing brawl and nobody’s there to see it, did it really happen?

Yes. Yes it did.

Several players started fighting after Coquitlam scored to take a 15-4 lead. As the officials tried to settle everyone down, more players got involved and both benches eventually cleared.

The game was called with 47 seconds left in the period.

Josh Aldrich of the Nanaimo Daily News reported that B.C. Intermediate A Lacrosse League commissioner Gene Regier handed down 15 suspensions, but he did not reveal who or how long the suspensions were. (via Content Farm)

“…because he’d never heard of anyone on either team.”

The best way to watch this clip is to pretend the only five people in the crowd are the cast of ‘Bob’s Burgers’. That “oh my goaddd” at the 0:54 mark is absolutely Linda Belcher, and the loud “ENOUGH, GUYS” at 1:11 is a pretty convincing H. Jon Benjamin. Random screeching female throughout is just Louise, egging them on. Suddenly this is the best (and most underrated) lacrosse fight video ever.

[h/t to Fark]