This Improbably Brutal Lacrosse Moment Will Leave You Feeling Lucky

Getting pelted with a lacrosse ball is one of the most painful things on earth. It’s a tiny, dense rubber ball flying at your body at high speeds, so if and when it hits you anywhere, it’s going to hurt like hell.

Zack Greer of the Saskatchewan Rush in the National Lacrosse League learned that in the most painful way possible. During a game against the Calgary Rush, Greer got punched in the face by one of his opponents, which hurts badly enough even though he has a helmet on. Unfortunately for him, this happened during the exact moment that one of his teammates tried to rifle a shot at the goal, which Greer – whose face was now exposed – was standing directly in front of.

The ball proceeds to fly right at Greer’s face and hit him in the mouth. It is really a flukey sequence of events, and if you tried to do it 100 times, it would probably only play out exactly like this a time or two. Then again, if you’re trying to do this, it would be kind of mean and really painful, so under no circumstance should you try to get hit in the face with a lacrosse ball.