Lamar Jackson Had A Hilarious Exchange With A Tight End On A Quarterback Scramble

Lamar Jackson has already become one of the NFL’s most exciting quarterbacks in just his second year in the league. He admittedly dominated two very week teams to start his sophomore campaign, but he quickly showed against the Chiefs that those games weren’t just a fluke. The Ravens marched right down the field, largely thanks to Jackson’s feet, for an opening drive touchdown.

Jackson was pretty spectacular with his arm making some nice passes, but what really showed was his ability to keep the play alive on the run. On a crucial third down he escaped what would have been a sure sack for most quarterbacks to extend the play and gain some extra yards. Those extra yards set up a manageable 4th and 2.

Now this is where a lot of teams would just settle for the easy field goal and take the points. The Ravens though are very aware of what they have in Jackson so they put the ball in his hands and went for it. Jackson managed to once again pick up the first down with his feet, but he did so while also having some fun at the expense of tight end Mark Andrews.

Yes, that is Andrews open and calling for the ball with both hands in the air. Jackson used this opportunity while facing three Chiefs defenders to tease his open tight end and get the first down himself. Later on, in the same drive, Mark Ingram punched in the touchdown.

Jackson is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in the NFL because he’s willing to have fun while he plays. How many players, mid game action, are going to make fun of one of their own teammates like that? Not many, but that’s what makes Jackson so great. Not only is he an incredible player, but he’ll put a smile on your face while he dazzles.