Lamar Odom Went Nuts On The Paparazzi

According to a bunch of crap that I read in roughly 45 seconds to prime myself for this video, Lamar Odom and his wife, Khloe Kardashian, are experiencing a rough patch and are close to getting a divorce. Or they aren’t and everything is fine. I know, I’m shocked that there could be conflicting reports on celebrity gossip websites, too, but I suppose that every once in a while, someone is going to get something wrong. Let’s hope that it doesn’t affect the way that people view journalism in America.

Whatever the status of his relationship, Odom didn’t seem too happy yesterday, as he went into a paparazzi’s car and started chucking all of his equipment out into the busy street, in between walking around with a tire iron. His wife Tweeted that the pap in question has caused problems with them before – she claims they witnessed him in a hit and run – he had illegally snuck into their gated community.

Either way, who cares? I’m here to watch the famous guy break sh*t.