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Rumors are swirling that Lance Armstrong could be up to something more than trying to win his eighth Tour de France next year.  He may be trying to BUY it.

It may not be unveiled next week, but the word is that Armstrong is involved in a possible buyout of Tour organisers Amaury Sport Organisation from its parent company the Amaury Group.

Furthermore, Armstrong may saddle up in the deal with Hein Verbruggen – the former president and now vice-president of cycling’s world body, the Union Cycliste Internationale. Some say it may be an Armstrong-UCI deal.

Remember how pissed off the French were an American — a Texan, no less — won their precious race seven years in a row?  Remember how they actually lined the streets to hurl insults at him, and how the French newspapers constantly accused him of doping even though he was never caught?  Yeah.  This should go over well.

You know, part of me thinks Lance might still be a little pissed about that stuff.  It must be nice to be that rich.  “Wait, they said what about me?  Well, find what their biggest source of national pride and buy it.  Also, adopt their children.  I want to raise them in my own image.”

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