Lane Kiffin Celebrated A Touchdown By Launching A Clipboard To Mars

Not everyone likes Lane Kiffin all that much, a fact that no one is more aware of than Kiffin himself. Love him or hate him, though, he at least deserves credit for trying to be entertaining — he really likes to get jokes off, particularly at the expense of old boss Nick Saban, and his teams tend to play an exciting brand of football that makes his games a joy to watch.

The latest example of this came on Saturday evening during Ole Miss’ high-scoring affair against South Carolina. With the Rebels trailing in the fourth quarter and the ball deep in their own territory, signal caller Matt Corral dropped back and let one fly, connecting with Elijah Moore for a a 91-yard score and wait was that a clipboard?

As it turns out, a different shot shows that Kiffin did, indeed, let his clipboard fly in the air in celebration of his quarterback going deep.

The fact that Kiffin knew that was going for six right away is nothing new — he did that when he was at Alabama as their offensive coordinator — and the sprint while ripping off his headset was fun, too. But goodness, dude let that clipboard fly. We missed it on the replay, but I hope it did not land on anyone.