Laremy Tunsil Learned The Hard Way The NFL Is Never Done Measuring You

04.29.16 3 years ago 15 Comments
laremy tunsil

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The first thing that you notice when entering Draft Town, a fan festival in Grant Park outside of where the Draft is actually taking place, is that it’s all about measurements. Measuring who is the fastest, strongest, biggest, most athletic.

You can measure yourself should you be curious how far down on the food chain you would fall if the world descended into a Mad Max-like wasteland, where you’re forced to compete with defensive ends and linebackers for food and shelter.

There are shuttle runs, broad jumps, and vertical leaps. There’s even a 40-yard dash where you race not just other contestants, but a virtual image of some of the NFL’s fastest players. This is me, measuring myself against three other normal dudes and a virtual Torrey Smith, whose 4.36 smokes us all, especially me in the khakis slowing up at the end.

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