Larry Fitzgerald Beat The Niners With An Unreal Game-Winning Touchdown Grab

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Larry Fitzgerald is a legend, but unlike many older football players who have paved their way to Canton, he’s still going strong. The 34-year-old receiver just keeps getting the job done, and as we saw on Sunday evening, Fitzgerald is the kind of guy you want to throw the ball to when you need a big play.

The Cardinals were marching down the field down 15-12 late in overtime against the San Francisco 49ers. They had the ball inside the red zone with 38 seconds remaining, Carson Palmer took the snap, and found his longtime No. 1 receiver. Palmer threw a ball that wasn’t exactly perfect, but Fitzgerald went up and made the play to give the Cardinals a win.

Through four games, Fitzgerald has 26 receptions for 276 yards and a pair of scores. Odds are he won’t put up the same kind of transcendent numbers at his peak when he was unstoppable, but the fact that he’s still as steady as ever as a guy in his mid-30s is a testament to how incredible of a football player he is. And of course, as long as he can go up and make game-winning plays like this in big time situations, he’ll be as close to unguardable as a receiver can be.

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