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Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is a terrific fantasy back, but his career has been plagued by these weird fits of complacency that seem to hamper his production from time to time, not so much now as earlier in his career. But dude is still good for the occasional breach in decorum. Johnson led off his dubious media blitz by talking trash about his coach on Twitter, and then snapping at other Tweetees who took umbrage with his assessment:

Johnson then responded to a Twitter follower that reminded Johnson of the incident last year in which Johnson allegedly spit a drink into a woman’s face. L.J. used a three-letter homophobic epithet to get his point across in response…Johnson wrote, “think bout a clever diss then that wit ur [expletive] pic. Christopher street boy. Is what us east coast cats call u.”

Johnson ended his evening with a reminder that he makes more money than the people bugging him. –PFT.

Johnson then took his message to the streets, or more specifically, the Chiefs media room.

When reporters entered the locker room on Monday, Johnson said, “I’m not talking [until] Thursday.”

And then Johnson uttered a sentence that surely will catch the interest of the league office.

Per KCSP, Johnson said partially under his breath, “Get your [fruity] asses out of here.” –PFT.

I don’t understand all the commotion. Their fruity asses shouldn’t have been in there to begin with. Larry’s just a normal guy trying to live his life where he can tear down his coach and spit on women without reproach. And why not? He makes more money than you do. That’s all the reason he needs. It’s the same reason I tease homeless people with refilled bottles of Jim Beam. Joke’s on you, Shopping Cart Man. There’s nothing but week-old Diet Pepsi in there.

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