Why I Will Follow The Black And Silver To Vegas, Like Most Real Raiders Fans

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10.17.16 2 Comments

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The Las Vegas Raiders. It has a certain ring to it, right?

Practically since the day Al Davis passed and ownership of the Oakland Raiders was inherited by his only son Mark, relocation and stadium woes have been the $2 billion black cloud hanging over the organization. While Mark had for sometime maintained publicly that he was “trying to stay in Oakland,” privately all his business moves have indicated otherwise.

When he lost a relocation bid in January to the Rams and potentially the Chargers as well, Davis told reporters in a rare press conference “This is not a win for the Raiders today.” He smiled through that statement and doubled down on his disdain for Oakland, saying, “We’ll see where the Raider Nation ends up here. We’ll be working really hard to find us a home.”

Last week he finally came out and said what everybody already knew, announcing via Raiders press release that Las Vegas “will serve as a proud new home for the entire Raider Nation.”

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