Last Call For This Weekend’s Free Fantasy Football, Play And Win $250

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.11.11 2 Comments

My team is set. As promised, I drafted Aaron Rodgers, all 21-k-plus of him, and I’m hoping he’s enough of an undercover secret for me to gain the advantage and win our weekend’s free fantasy football game through Draftstreet. If not, at least I can know I associated his performance with this sad looking dog in a cheesehead, and that is something.

If you haven’t signed up to play yet, I’m urging you to do so now. Even the Hanna Barbera character in charge of the KSK Sex & Fantasy Football Mailbag is going to play, and that guy’s a paid fantasy football professional. How awesome would it be to beat him at this? Slightly more prestigious than beating me, a guy who thinks Aaron Rodgers is underground.

The game happens this weekend, and it’s going to work a lot like our baseball games; you’ll sign up (for free, again, I’m not going to make you pay for anything) and pick your team, choosing two QBs, two WR, two RB and so on until you’ve exhausted your salary cap, and the team with the best performance in this Sunday’s games wins money. So do the next five top teams. That’s right, we’re paying out to the top 6 teams from a $250 cash pool.

And like I said before, I’m playing, Burnsy’s playing, Matt’s playing, Cajun’s playing. Everybody’s playing, and so should you. It only takes a moment, it’s totally free, it could win you legitimate cash money and you become my friend in real life. How can you lose?

Well, you could put a cheese hat on your dog, but other than that.

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