Last Chance, People: Sign Up For Free Week 1 Fantasy And Win $1000

Come on, look at him. You don’t want to be like him, do you?

That’s what you’ll look like if you forget to sign up for our TOTALLY FREE Week 1 NFL Fantasy Football game with All you have to do is click that link (or this one), sign up and draft a team of players from Sunday and Monday night’s games. The teams with the best performance win money from a $1000 cash pool, and that’s a crazy profit for like two minutes of work for one of your ten fingers.

Here’s how it works:

Again, the game happens this Sunday, September 9 and includes the Monday Night Football game, so don’t try to draft anyone from the Cowboys/Giants game. Payouts start up immediately after MNF, and hell, I’ve been reminding you twice a week for the last three weeks, so just sign up already and let me stop badgering you about it. Be sure to let us know how you do if you place.

In case you’re wondering, I look exactly like Eli up there after every fantasy football game.