With Leather’s Watch This: Everyone Laugh At The Poor, Lonely MLB Camera Man

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During last night’s exciting but otherwise meaningless 9-8 win by the Colorado Rockies over the San Francisco Giants, some of the Giants staff members decided to have a little fun at this camera man’s expense. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the ol’ bubble gum trick, but when the announcers started piling on about how he doesn’t have any friends, I kind of felt bad. Unless the camera man is a total jerk, and he has no friends because he’s always borrowing their clothes and telling people they’re too fat for him, in which case they should have put more gum on his head. God, I hate that stupid camera man.

MLB: Red Sox at Rays – 7 PM ET on ESPN
MLB: Diamondbacks at Dodgers – 10 PM ET on ESPN

With just under 200 games left in the regular season, I think, the playoff race is red hot for several of the divisions right now. The Braves, Dodgers and Red Sox have seemingly locked up their respective divisions, barring any sort of horrible meltdowns, and the Tigers seem on the verge of locking up the AL Central as well with their 5.5 game lead over the Cleveland Indians.

Meanwhile, while the Rangers, Rays, Orioles, Indians, Yankees and Royals are all within three games of each other for the two AL Wild Card spots, the NL Wild Cards look like they’re going to belong to two NL Central teams, depending on how this close race between the Cardinals, Pirates and Reds plays out. But the Nationals still aren’t out of the picture with their inspired, albeit late run.

WNBA: Phoenix at Chicago – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

And what a matchup this…

Sleepy duck

The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate – 10 PM ET on Fox Sports 1

Tune in tonight and watch, as I won’t be doing a live discussion for the episodes (unless people want me to) but I will have a full episode recap tomorrow, including power rankings of the fighters that I can’t stand the most. Because that’s what combat sports are all about.

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