With Leather’s Watch This: Extreme Unicycling Should Be An Olympic Sport

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10.24.13 2 Comments

Freestyle unicycles

When I was a kid, I honestly thought that people who owned unicycles were too poor to buy real bicycles, because why else would someone only have one wheel, right? Oh the innocence of childhood, where have you gone? If I made a comment like that today, I’d be qualified to be a guest analyst on a cable news network debate show. Anyway, unicycles – they’re pretty rad, right?

Well, check out extreme unicycling stars Lutz Eichholz and Stephanie Dietze, who took their love of one-wheeled transportation and being very good at balancing to the Mettelhorn, where they pulled off some tricks and stunts that no sane humans were ever meant to perform. If you need me, I’ll be stapling my feet to the ground after today’s insane cycling videos.

World Series Game 2: Cardinals at Red Sox – 7:30 PM ET on Fox

I heard tonight the Cardinals are going to borrow the goo that was in Jon Lester’s glove and smear it all over Pete Kozma’s body.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Miss. State – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN

This game brought to us by Kodiak.

NCAA Football: Marshall at Middle Tennessee State – 7:30 PM ET on Fox Sports 1

I bet this game will be twice as exciting and entertaining as Kentucky at Miss. State, but it will have 1/10 of the ratings.

NBA Preseason: Rockets at Spurs – 8 PM ET on TNT

How about instead of standard preseason games, the NBA has teams play one half of actual basketball and then a skills contest and dunk competition for the other half? Because preseason NBA games are about as entertaining as D-league NBA games.

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