With Leather’s Watch This: Jimmy Fallon’s Puppies Predicted That Broncos Slaughter

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09.06.13 2 Comments

I’m sure many of you are already either celebrating with your feet up or licking your deep, infected wounds over Peyton Manning’s absurd performance last night, 7 TDs and 462 yards is about the most absurd fantasy stat line that I can think of for a QB. Save your stories for Tuesday, though, as I’ll have the fantasy football focus group back in full swing this season, so we can all gather and talk about where the bad men touched us. I got away mostly unscathed, and I actually started Julius Thomas in one league, so I feel all right. But to all of you playing against Manning or Demaryius Thomas this week, my condolences.

As for you gamblers, don’t ever wager against Jimmy Fallon’s puppies. EVER.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College – 8 PM ET on ESPN2

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING! Come on, give me a game that will punch the college football gods in their testicles…

NCAA Football: UCF at FIU – 8 PM ET on CBS Sports

F*CK YEAH! Now we’re talking. This is going to be the most important game of the year. Real BCS Championship qualifier right here.

CFL: Calgary at Edmonton – 9 PM ET on NBC Sports

Head Shake GIF

NFL Sunday: Watch all of the games and enjoy the action responsibly.

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