With Leather’s Watch This: Joey Crawford Was A Total Dick To This Ball Boy

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11.13.13 4 Comments
This conversation must have been pleasant.

This conversation must have been pleasant.

Now I’m not an old man by any means, but I’ve been around on this floating rock they call Earth long enough to know two things: 1) NBA referee Joey Crawford is terrible at his job and cares more about people saying his name in any conversation about a game that he calls than the game itself, and 2) We shouldn’t even know the names of sports officials. I don’t mean that second part like, “Refs aren’t people, they’re scum!” as much as I mean that if a guy does his job right, nobody’s going to say things like, “Jim Joyce ruined that baseball game” or “Joey Crawford is a stain on the National Basketball Association.”

That said, here’s NBA referee and grown ass man Joey Crawford holding up a professional basketball game so he can stare down a ball boy. Granted, that ball boy kind of looked like he had an attitude and half-assed his job, but when it involves Crawford, I’d probably give Satan the benefit of the doubt.

NCAA Basketball: Wright State at Georgetown – 7 PM ET on Fox Sports 1

Huge tip of the flat-brimmed cap to college basketball for coming out swinging last night. I can’t remember a season that started out with as much excitement as was offered up last night, with Kansas pounding Duke and Michigan State making sure that Kentucky’s term as the top team in the country was a short one.

NCAA Football: Ball State at Northern Illinois – 8 PM ET on ESPN2
NCAA Football: Miami (OH) at Kent State – 8 PM ET on ESPNU

Since when do we have two MAC games on at the same time on a weeknight? You don’t pit MACTION against MACTION, ESPN. That’s how rips are formed in the space-time continuum.

NBA: Knicks at Hawks – 8 PM ET on ESPN
NBA: Thunder at Clippers – 10:30 PM ET on ESPN

Here is a Tweet from the Hawks, bragging about the offense…

… of a 4-3 team. Of course, if the playoffs started today, the Hawks would be a 3 seed, so I guess they should brag away. Isn’t that right, Kate Upton?

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