With Leather’s Watch This: Michael Wacha Offered His Best Fozzy Bear Impression

If there are two things that I love more than anything else in this world, it’s the Muppets and dominating St. Louis Cardinals pitchers. Fortunately, 22-year old rookie Michael Wacha combines both of those things for me, since our friends at Joe Sports Fan already made the above image earlier in the season, allowing so many of us to invoke Fozzie Bear every time Wacha pitches.

Now there’s actually video of him giving his own Fozzie impression, and it’s awful, awkward and cringe-worthy. But since he’s a Cardinals player, it’s definitely more intelligent and classier than all of the other baseball pitchers’ Muppets impressions.


MLB National League Championship Series Game 1: Dodgers at Cardinals – 8:37 PM ET on TBS

I’m a little surprised at how much Cardinal-bashing I’ve had to put up with over the last day or so since the Redbirds defeated the Pirates to advance to their third-consecutive NLCS. I get it, I guess. You’re tired of the same old, same old. You’d rather see the feel-good Pirates steamroll the playoffs and win a World Series after sitting out of the postseason for 21 years. Cool, I understand that.

But go Dodgers? Really? I didn’t want to have to bust this one out again, but…

You cheer for the Dodgers, you cheer for Chris Brown. How do you like that?

NCAA Football: Temple at Cincinnati – 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

Temple’s exciting young QB Josh Footballthrower faces off against the Bearcats’ explosive RB Rick Explosion. Should be an instant classic!

Bellator MMA – 9 PM ET on SPIKE

The Featherweight semifinals are tonight. Can you imagine if these guys actually weighed as much as a feather? That would be pretty crazy.

WWE Smackdown – 8 PM ET on SyFy

Could the Big Show be arrested for knocking out Triple H? That would be pretty awesome, actually. What if they did a huge storyline where all of the wrestlers started suing each other, so a whole season of WWE programming takes place in a courtroom and the judge could be Koko B. Ware? Hire me now, WWE.