With Leather’s Watch This: This Reporter Needs To Take Ice Skating Safety Seriously

11.21.13 4 years ago

Ice Skating fail

I never learned how to ice skate, because I grew up in Florida and they didn’t make flip flops with blades on the bottoms, but I also didn’t ever want to fall and hit my face on the very hard ice. So when I see people messing around with ice skating, I like to shake my head and make a very disapproving face, because you should know better than to scoff at the gods of frozen water and wind, like this Fox 9 morning news reporter did. I’m not saying she deserves it, but if you’re not intentionally moving and the wind is strong enough to push you, you should probably get inside and curl up in a tiny ball.

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NCAA Football: Rutgers at UCF – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN

In this rematch from the 2009 Beef O’Brady’s Bowl – and I think we all remember how that classic game went down – the 8-1 UCF Knights are looking to keep a firm hold on first place in the AAC, which is the comic strip character Kathy’s favorite college football conference. However, the Scarlet Knights will look to learn from the Temple Owls, who nearly upset UCF last Saturday, and run the offensive scheme that seemed to trip UCF up the most. That gameplan? Score at will on a clearly outmanned defense. It’s a bold move, but it just might work.

NCAA Football: Rice at UAB – 7:30 PM ET on FS1

Why on Earth would anyone watch this game when a rematch of the 2009 Beef O’Brady’s Bowl is on ESPN?

NCAA Basketball: Boston College vs. UCONN – 7 PM ET on ESPN2
NCAA Basketball: FSU vs. VCU – 7:30 PM ET on ESPNU
NCAA Basketball: Indiana vs. Washington – 9 PM ET on ESPN2
NCAA Basketball: UNLV at Air Force – 9:30 PM ET on ESPNU

Nobody’s watching college basketball tonight when Rice and UAB are playing on Fox Sports 1.

NFL Thursday Night Football: Saints at Falcons – 8:30 PM ET on NFL Network

WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE WATCH THIS GAME WHEN A REMATCH OF THE 2009 BEEF O’BRADY’S BOWL IS ON ESPN? But seriously, I’d hate to be playing against Drew Brees in fantasy this week.

NBA: Clippers at Thunder – 8 PM ET on TNT
NBA: Bulls at Nuggets – 10:30 PM ET on TNT

Not that I’m really surprised at all, but I can’t believe that nobody is really questioning the fact that the Clippers are reportedly close to re-signing Lamar Odom, who just had one of the strangest offseasons in recent pro athlete history. Even if he wasn’t holed up in a motel with two women, having crack-fueled orgies like all of the tabloids reported, shouldn’t the guy get his personal life in order before he hops back on the court and lets every fan across the country call him horrible words? I’m just saying the NBA might want to think about that.

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