With Leather’s Watch This: ‘Sign Vince Young’ Should Put Texans Fans On Suicide Watch

10.16.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

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Via our friend Lana, “Sign Vince Young” is one Houston Texans fan’s plea to ownership to, obviously, sign Vince Young to fill in for the injured pick-6 machine otherwise known as Matt Schaub. So I guess that this is more of a “Listen to This” than a “Watch This,” but either way… hoo boy, this thing is a weird one.

Roll down the windows and crank ‘em up for this one, Texans fans.

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NLCS Game 5: Cardinals at Dodgers – Right now on TBS

The Cardinals have a surprising 3-1 lead over the heavy-hitting Dodgers, and that’s no good for the baseball fan police who like to complain about the baseball police. Remember a time when people used to say, “At least it’s not the Yankees”? Whatever. I hope it’s the Cardinals and Red Sox now and every game goes into extra innings.

ALCS Game 4: Red Sox at Tigers – 7:30 PM ET on Fox

Let’s go Sox! I can’t wait to check out what new posts the guys at Bar Stool have after a win tonight.

NHL: Rangers at Capitals – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Until any other team reveals fans worth a damn, the Tampa Bay Lightning should get every televised game. Especially if this girl is there:

Stamkos admirer

NCAA Women’s Volleyball: Miami at Florida State – 8 PM ET on ESPNU

Clear my schedule, Linda. I’ve got volleyball to watch.

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